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How Do Entrepreneurs Overcome Stress In Business

Entrepreneurship is a beautiful thing, it really is but just like everything else, it has its challenges, and stress is one of them. At some point in our lives we all encounter stress. It's one of those life events that does not discriminate - we are all graced by it's presence, whether it's a good thing or bad. While managing stressful challenges comes with the tettitory of running a business, what's unknown is the fact that stress can hit entrepreneurs much harder that most. So, let's take a look at the main type of stress that exists, what causes stress and how to overcome it's detrimental affects.

Although entrepreneurs are bound to encounter stress in their business, with the right resources they can overcome it’s detrimental effects.

A Look At The Main Types Of Stress + What It Feels Like

First, think back of a time when someone you know, either your parents, spouse, dear friend or partner was stressed. How did you feel? Stressed as well, or even ajatattted maybe, and this is one of numerous triggers whiic directly activates stress. Healthline categorize the main types of stress we oftentimes experience:

1. Acute Stress: Also known as the most common form of stress. It's your body's immediate response to a  challenge that triggers you fight-or-flight response. This stress is one you feel at a near miss accident, or heated argument with a family member.

2. Episodic Acute: This type of stress in when you're consistently in acute stress mode as a result this person is one who's always late, rushing, and almost always dealing with emergencies.

3. Chronic: This stress speaks for itself as and it ongoing. This is the kind of stress that if acute stress has not been resolved, it begins to prolong for long periods of time causing chronic stress. This type of stress is relating to or caused by feeling stuck in an unhappy marriage, having to deal with a dysfunctional family, working in a job you hate and can also stem from poverty.

Are you aware that stress is transerable? Simply being around a highly stressed person, even when you’re not involved at all, can be enough to activate stress in you.

Overcoming Stress

Stress is a fact of life for anyone and specifically entrepreneurs in the fast lane. The good news however, is it doesn't have to cost you. With the new knowledge gained here, let's discuss how you can lessen the impact of stress on your health and instead use it the feul your next big idea.


Practicing gratitude, which ehco's around the world by successful leaders such as Tony Robbins and Oprah, as well as our yours truly with my weekly "Gratitude Thursdays" weekly campaign via Facebook, where I share ideas of gratitude with the purpose of our community catching on and demonstrating at least one act of kindness daily.  You see, developing a heart of gratitude is proven to reduce stress, while helping to maintain a more positive outlook on life. At least for me, as explained in my group "it's a kind reminder of how grateful I am with the little things, as well as realizing that giving is a small way of showing my appreciation to someone in need; not to mention the impact it has on their life".

Be. Positive

Have you notice that perhaps your not bothered by things that drive your co-founder mad? In recent years after undergoing a major surgery, I view life differently, and value the smallest things why because I make a conscious effort to live positive, for a better word, I'm renewed. I simply look at things from a fresh perspective, knowing that if something could've gone wrong, I would not be here today - thank Heavens I'm still alive. I thrive to see everything, did I say everything from a positive point of view. The "idea is that objects cannot be stressful all by themselves, you have to interpret them that way". Therefore, I believe it would help to rethink how we think about stress. For instance, when you practice seeing a rejection from an opportunity to advance your business, as a step toward the right opportunity that will eventually come around, you don't allow the fear of failure to paralyze and/or stress you. Like many highly successful today, you'll keep pressing forward, and moving on. 

Self Care

Prioritizing your health is key. Successful people thrive on finding balance to manage stress. Eat nutrient-rich foods, ditch high amounts of caffeine, exercise,  know when to turn it off and getting enough sleep. It's different for everyone, but adults need to have approximately seven to nine hours of sleep per day. The effects of sleep deprivation is real, all sorts of things go wrong when you're not getting enough sleep; you're emotions are out of wack, "people who are sleep deprived after having only four to six hours of sleep, you end up with the same mental acuity as having consumed a six-pack of beer". As entrepreneurs we're on overdrive especially those who work in a remote environment. It's extremely stressful to wake, eat, sleep and monitor our digital lives and expect not to be stressed to the max. The key is not to stress about stress and instead you it to fuel your next big idea. So by far, self care is crucial for reducing stress, by prioritizing your health needs and finding the right balance between work and life.

Laugh Out Loud (Lol )

Start doing these more, find funny people, watch funny movies, find funny videos to look at, laugh if that's the only thing you do.  When my brother and I were little children, we hate getting spank, I was the youngest, and one day I said " I don't know about you but if we get in trouble(obviously we were doing something we were not suppose to do) I'm going to bust out laughing." He said "what, how are you going to laugh, it will hurt", and as expected, my mother called us both, she said in her VI dialect "gimme your hand" I always went last, when my brother got the first one, I bust out laughing, then he started and to my surprise - my mother did as well. All this to say, laughing and even smiling is contagious it's a social vocalization that binds people together. An extensive research done my Mayo Clinic show the short term benefits of laughter which can:

  • "Stimulate your organs by enhancing your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates your heart, lungs and muscles, and increases the endorphins that are released by your brain. 
  • A rollicking laugh can activate or relieve stress as it fires up and cools down your stress response, and increase your heart rate and blood pressure. The result? A good, relaxed feeling. 
  • Laughter can also soothes the tension, stimulate circulation and aid muscle relaxation, both of which can help reduce some of the physical symptoms of stress.


A recent study shows that exercise reduces stress and the derimental effects stress causes. Which means the more we exercise, the easier we’ll be able to handle stress and bounce back from it. The good news is that any form of exercise, from aerobics (my personal favorite)  to yoga, running, walking, sports, even gardening can act as a stress reliever; even if your not in the best shape, exercise can still go a long way toward stress management. Exercise is directly connected to stress relief ad should be apart of your daily regimen, with many benefits such as improving mood, brain functions, memory, positivity impacting your creativity, boost metabolism, immune system and your overall health. 

Progress over Perfection

Yes! I can't explain this enough. This make sound like a broken record, but many successful people you know, did not start or grow rather multimillion/billion dollar businesses on perfection, (and by the way, many of them met failure along the way, but they learn from their failures and kept pressing on,, this was all they knew and that's the difference between those that are highly succesful and others who are not),instead they took it one day at a time, progressing through all it all. Sir Richard Branson, for example, one of our favs, and island neighbor has had some well known failures in his time, yet have always been known to talk about his belief that you will fail, and fail big, but learn from it  and move on. So release yourself from the stress that comes with perfection, and think progress taking it one day at a time.

Master Simple Routines

I'm spontaneous sometimes, and love the idea of sparking things up with adventure, however, on most days I follow a simple routine. My breakfast routine for example, goes something like this: once I wake, give thanks to God for another day, in the midst of getting ready, I begin breakfast, first drinking a glass of water or two, then go outside for fresh air but actually to the garden(now looks more like a farm) where I cut pieces of kale, sweet basil, string beans, parsley and okra and that's basically it for my green "power" smoothie, of course adding drips of light organic blue agave and cinnamon to taste. I also make hot tea (we call it bush tea) by getting some of the lemon-grass, rosemary leaves to add with the parsley,and that's breakfast except for my daughter who must add pancakes and turkey bacon with it. Now you know how stress free implementing simple routines can be, not to mention the recipe for a healthy, nutrient-rich breakfast. This can be implemented for work too such as preparing your lunch or pre-ordering it daily, answering emails at a specific time every day (I do this in the mornings), even preparing the next day from the night before, now this is a big help to me, I recommend it to everyone, seriously. Believe it or not, not everyone is great at decision-making, and even if you're great at it, it can be frustrating at times. So save yourself undue stress by relying on routines for simple tasks,, while saving you time and energy for the bigger decisions that matters most. When the going gets tuff, hire a company like us to help you navigate through it all.

Write it down

Anyone that knows me, know that I am always writing things down, the night before I go shopping or anything really, theres a list. It helps me focus on exactly what I need.  So I write everything down, my tasks, things to do and remember and even my ideas, this keeps my for being concerned about something I forgot.  Can you believe, even in the very rare case I run out without my phone or list, because I wrote it the night before, I remember what's on that list so writing works great for me, and most likely will for you as well. I mean we're all humans and we forget sometimes so this tiny task free my mind and time for focusing on all the other important things.

What other ways have you overcome stress, we love to know, and more importantly, it can help someone else who's reading just like you