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Firm Announcements - POPUP Sunday Sale 15% Off Everything Online


Enjoy Our All Day + Night Sunday Sale!

This Sunday June 4, 2017 sale has officially begun, so "get your shopping on! Save big on everything is our store.  To get you on your way, we've placed the PROMO code down below as a quick reference; jot it down and type it in the promo section at checkout.

PROMO CODE (for your reference)

New Update! at 9:00 am - Good news! We've extended the sale which now ends  on Monday, June 5, 2017 (tomorrow) at 12:00 noon (AST)  

If you have any questions, connect with us on Facebook due to the time limit and we'll great at responding ASAP but usually withing a few hours. 

Enjoy & Shop!

Enjoy, Jae!