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We help busy entrepreneurs get organize, save time, and scale their businesses. Start doing the things you love, while we handle all the little details right. A great place to start is to request your free consultation. Need to get started, we'll have you up and running within the week.

We're The Key To Thriving Entrepreneurs 

Exceptional Support Services (ESSVI) are the go-to gurus for management and professional services. We're the ones who handle all or some of your technical or non-technical work with class and offer strategic business advice to help you develop, launch and grow productive and thriving companies. Deciding whether you should hire us for your important projects need? We'll say "heck yea" (who won't), but turn to one of these folks or here for more about us. We're honored to have served a myriad of clients in various industries across the globe, i.e. The Bahamas, Anguilla, St. Lucia, Trinidad along with our friends and neighbors in the BVI and Puerto Rico, not forgetting specific areas in the United States and Australia while currently expanding our brand, service and know-how within our local community in the US Virgin Islands.  

What We Do?

Are you frustrated, overwhelmed and inundated with loads of work? Or maybe you've just started out and realize you may need a company like ours, professionally trained to fall right in and get to work, helping you accomplish your goals at work. If so, you're in the right place. Exceptional Support Services offers a variety of strategic services and robust products align to the specific needs of all clients, regardless of your industry. You'll notice we've grouped our services to make it super easy for our clients, and  to showcase what we do best. The categories include our "Business Suite" and our "Social Optimized Suite" of which we're planning for more growth in this direction, we'll keep you abreast as we progress in the future. Both suites offer a host of simple, moderate and complex services that aims to supercharge your productivity, gets you organized, thus shaving lots of time off your hands, to refocus on high yielding growth activities for your business. The "Business Suite" includes individual services such as, Administrative & Management , Research, Scheduling, Invoice & Billing, Travel Research & Planning, Bookkeeping, Business Development, Project Management and much more as well as customizable monthly/yearly plans. A similar option is available with our dynamic "Social Optimize" plan which is  ideal for Brick and Mortar, on/offline companies interested in "making an impact online, forging the way into a dominant online market". This service is a fast track introduction to social media, understading its b set up, marketing and managing your social media accounts and well as providing expert advice and resources to your team. Click the blue button below to learn more.


What To Expect

Whether you’re an emerging(new) business, solopreneur, creative, professional or small business owner, we will not only treat your work with the strictest confidence, we'll also help streamline your business to help it thrive. Collectively we bring extensive experience and professionalism to every opportunity and customize our service to best fit your individual needs. We commit to remaining current on the pulse of modern technology, while monitoring the evolution to inform our current approaches—all of this, to equip you with "remarkable support for everyday success".

Hire us for a fraction of what an in office EA would cost. We’re super convenient, flexible, and have affordable rates.
— Jae M. Phillip

In an effort to deliver true value to your company, and not compromise our commitment to your success, we must ensure you're a good fit for our services. To accomplish this, we ask for you to schedule a complimentary consultation to assess your needs. Once we've completed the consultation, we'll have a pretty good idea if we're good for each other. If we determine otherwise, we'll be happy to connect you with one of our trusted partners. 

We're delighted to have you here and more importantly looking forward to serving you!



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