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We help busy entrepreneurs get organize, save time, and scale their businesses. Start doing the things you love, while we handle all the little details right.

We're The Key To Thriving Entrepreneurs 

Headquartered in the Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands we're often called the "small company with a big impact." Exceptional Support Services are the go-to gurus for management and professional services. There clients are made up of some of the best companies around the world, within their local community (St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix US Virgin Islands), neighbors in the Eastern Caribbean, Bahamas, and the United States, along with clients living as far as Australia.

Exceptional Support Services suite of strategic services, ranges from consulting, strategic management, and professional services that relieves busy entrepreneurs of time-consuming, energy draining tasks, ultimately helping them get organize, save time, and grow. They also took their services to a new level by offering services to care for smaller projects to assist clients who are inundated with an overflow of work, such as scheduling meetings, booking travel, administrative tasks, invoice and billing, project management and a host of other projects.

As an Exceptional Support Services client you can always expect to receive a highly skilled, educated and trained team, who works collaboratively with you in a remote environment as your right hand, go-to person, caring for your specific needs, and handling all the little details right. All you need to do is begin delegating work, so you can finally focus on what you do best, the important stuff.

What To Expect

Whether you’re an emerging business, solopreneur, creative professional or small business owner, we will not only treat your work with the strictest confidence, we'll also help streamline your business to help it thrive, giving you time to focus on the bigger business of leading and growing your company. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every opportunity and customize our service to best fit your individual needs and concerns.

Hire us for just fraction of what an in office EA would cost
— Exceptional Support Services

Collectively, we have been in this line of work for over 30+ years, and remain current with the pulse of modern technology, while monitoring the evolution to inform our approaches—all of this, to equip you with remarkable support for everyday success.

In an effort to deliver true value to you and your company, and not compromise our commitment to your success, we must ensure you're a good fit for our services. To do so, we require our first-time clients to request a consultation. Ultimately, we want to ensure our services are ideal for your unique business needs. If we determine otherwise, via our consultation and/or assessment, we'll be happy to connect you with one of our trusted partners. 

Let's talk, feel free to use the form below for any inquire you may have. We are delighted to have you here and more importantly looking forward to serving you!



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